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From the Mick Moloney Collection of AIA: Jokebooks, 1883-1928

Twenty-one jokebooks, or comedic material, make up Series D. In addition to Irish-American subject matter, these contain hackneyed stereotypes about Jewish, African-American, and German immigrants such as Jew Jokes and Job Lots (Box 1, Folder 8)and The Comical Sayings of Paddy from Cork (Box 1, Folder 15). Of note is Cooper’s Irish Dialect Readings and Recitations (1891), which contains the text of a scene from Dion Boucicault’s The Shaughraun, a popular play that debuted in New York City in 1874 and helped perpetuate the figure of the stage Irishman for audiences in the United States; The Surprising Life and Adventures of the Gentleman-Robber Redmond O’Hanlon (Box 1, Folder 20), a Robin Hood-type character; and The Irish Assassin, or the Misfortunes of the Family of O’Donnel (n.d.), a novella set in County Donegal, with an illustration of an Arab on the cover.