Richard White: Reflections on Remembering Ahanagran

Twenty years after the publication of Remembering Ahanagran: A History of Stories, renowned historian Richard White visited Glucksman Ireland House to reflect on the impact of the book and on the intersections of his ethnic backgrounds (Irish and Jewish) that shaped it.

Richard White is an historian of the United States at Stanford University specializing in the American West, the history of capitalism, environmental history, history and memory, and Native American history. His work has occasionally spilled over into Mexico, Canada, France, Australia and Ireland.

He is a MacArthur Fellow and a recipient of the Mellon Distinguished Professor Award. His work has won numerous academic prizes, and he has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

Event Archive: America and the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland

In the spring of 2016 Glucksman Ireland House NYU organized a series of events dedicated to America’s relationship with Ireland during the 1916 Easter Rising in order to shed new light on the trans-Atlantic context of the Rising.

The series examined the actions and motives of Irish cultural and political nationalists who were based in the United States before and during 1916, and of the Americans who served as their support network.

Below please find more information on the events that took place.