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23 January 2021: Professor Elliot Gorn’s fascinating lecture on Mother Jones.

On this week’s This Irish American Life we share Professor Elliot Gorn’s fascinating lecture on Mother Jones. The barely five-foot tall Mother Jones was a fearless fighter for workers’ rights—once labeled “the most dangerous woman in America.” Mary Harris “Mother” Jones rose to prominence as a fiery orator and fearless organizer for the Mine Workers during the first two decades of the 20th century. Her passion inspired men half her age into action and compelled their wives and daughters to join in the struggle. If that didn’t work, she would embarrass men to action. “I have been in jail more than once and I expect to go again. If you are too cowardly to fight, I will fight,” she told them. Mother Jones’ organizing methods were unique for her time. She welcomed African American workers and involved women and children in strikes. Professor Gorn presented his lecture at Glucksman Ireland House as the Annual Ernie O’Malley lecture.