Caroline Heafey

Caroline Heafey

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  • Immigration and Irish History
  • Irish America


About Caroline Heafey

Caroline B. Heafey studied English and French Literature at Fordham University before pursuing her MA Glucksman Ireland House NYU. She specialized in Irish Literature, focusing on the prison writings of Dorothy Macardle in her MA thesis. She now works as the Administrative Aide in the Department of Irish and Irish-American Studies and continues to write about Irish women writers. Her research interests include transnationalism, modernism, trauma, and women’s prison narratives from periods of social conflict.



  • Resurrecting the Ethnic Village


    One of the hallmarks of Irish America is ethnic succession which, by its very nature, renders the past invisible, especially in cities like New York.

    This course and companion website focuses on the nineteenth century when immigration from Ireland dramatically altered North America politically, socially and culturally. We look a various Irish neighborhoods using traditional and modern methods of historical research, collecting textual, numeric, and visual data.


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