Marion R. Casey

Marion R. Casey

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  • Immigration and Irish History
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About Marion R. Casey

Marion R. Casey trained as an historian with David N. Doyle at University College Dublin and with David M. Reimers at New York University. Her goals are to use the longevity of Irish emigration to illuminate the evolving ethnic and racial experience in the United States; to explore diaspora and transnationalism from Irish and American perspectives; and to teach students how to think historically. In 1997 she established the Archives of Irish America in New York University’s Bobst Library and in 1999 she was named a Centennial Historian of the City of New York.



  • Resurrecting the Ethnic Village


    One of the hallmarks of Irish America is ethnic succession which, by its very nature, renders the past invisible, especially in cities like New York.

    This course and companion website focuses on the nineteenth century when immigration from Ireland dramatically altered North America politically, socially and culturally. We look a various Irish neighborhoods using traditional and modern methods of historical research, collecting textual, numeric, and visual data.


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